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Go Away Goat

The story I chose for this project is about a time I got attacked by a goat. It's a story that's not just about the physical damage, but about the severe emotional trauma I recieved. My reaction to the headbutting changed during the course of the attack, ranging from disbelief to annoyance to complete emotional terror. 

I was a  kid at the time (heh, kid) so the goat was as tall as I was. In the full sequence I want to lay out how devastating a series of little to medium headbutts caused me to go from being mildly amused to nose-running, snotty wailing when repeated relentlessly by an indifferent-if-not-malevolent goat.

While it was genuinely a traumatizing event for me, I want to play up how comical the whole absurd experience is by really playing up the drama.


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