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Gluttony + Greed


Last color experiment. I felt that the last one was a bit dark and heavy. 


Color experimentation part one.

Color inspiration:



Alright! Back to business. Since it's been a while, I'm attaching a WIP shot of my two sins. Things on my to-do list for this project:

  • Color experimentation - this is absolutely not the final, needs to be pushed
  • Add shading, dimension and texture
  • Fix some perspective issues

Also, I ran with the suggestions from the last round - bringing in a "buttefly catcher" and shifting the perspective on "Gluttony" so it matches "Greed" a bit more. How's it working for you all?


I revised the layout for Gluttony as I was thinking about my 2nd deadly sin: Greed.

A women is collecting birds in the park with a bird cage. 

Do these seem to work together as a series? I wondered if the straight-on versus diagonal layout was a problem in making them feel unified? A limited color palette could help. Let me know your thoughts!!



I was looking at the definition of gluttony and it can be broader than food - consupmtion beyond what's needed and even wasteful. So for this, not one more Vespa can fit in the garage!


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