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Roxanne Weber

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Gluten-Free for Life: Cashew & Chicken Stir Fry

Gluten, which is found in foods that include wheat, rye, or barley, is increasingly being linked to everything from obesity and type 1 diabetes to gastrointestinal cancers, brain disorders, and autism and thyroid disease. In fact Celiac Disease, an immune reaction to eating the protein gluten, is four times more common now than it was 60 years ago, according to the Mayo Clinic. For the undiagnosed, this results in a 400% increased risk of premature death.

And for everyone else, the New England Journal of Medicine has listed 35 diseases that can be caused by eating gluten. Some of the symptoms include arthritis, ADHD, depression, anxiety, IBS, lupus, fatigue, eczema, osteoporosis, weakened immune system, organ inflammation, weight gain or loss, frequent headaches and malnutrition.

While the exact reasons for increased sensitivities to gluten today are still being debated, what is known is that gluten is purposefully added to many products found in supermarkets because it increases hunger signals, making you think you need more of the product by enhancing feelings of hunger. Gluten also interferes with leptin production, which lets your body know that you are full.

Following a gluten-free diet, then, is not just about weight loss, although in combination with sensible food choices it can contribute to healthy weight loss. Gluten-free living is extending your life so you live longer with less pain and disease.

As someone who lives with Celiac Disease, and has benefited from the health benefits of living gluten-free, I wanted to share my experiences with those who may be on the cusp of serious health problems, or who may have issues as-yet unexplained, that could be reduced or eliminated through a gluten-free lifestyle.

This course will cover the basics of gluten-free living, including:

  • Who should eat gluten-free and why
  • What gluten is and where it is found
  • The links between health issues and gluten
  • How to remove gluten from your home, and deal with family and friends who may or may not be onboard with the change
  • Tips on shopping, reading labels to avoid gluten, and where to find many common gluten-free staples
  • What to expect during your gluten to gluten-free transition
  • How to manage gluten-free cooking, baking, and eating out

In addition to the videos students will create their own Cashew & Chicken Stir Fry, purchasing gluten-free products where needed and substituting gluten free options as necessary.

  1. Make your own Cashew & Chicken Stir Fry, adding gluten-free sides. They will then take a photo of their creation to share with others.

The Course Outline can be found here:


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