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Gluten Free Goodness

It had been quite some time since I had grilled cheese, since I tend not to keep bread around. After seeing this skllshare class I made a trip to the grocery store to gather the ingredients.

Gluten free bread can be a bit sketchy, so I went with the safe choice; Udi's gluten free whole grain bread. I also picked up some mozzerella and montery jack cheese. At home I found some parmesan in the fridge and added it to the cheese mix. 

The mayo on the bread did indeed make the sandwich less greasy, but I discovered, I actually like the greasiness of the typical grilled cheese made with butter. Maybe it's because I'm eating cardboard bread, but I definetly prefer the butter to the mayo spread. 

I continued to make grilled cheese as a bed time snack until the bread was gone! 


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