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Harold Mohr

Author of 'The Fields of Gomorrah'



Gluten Free Cannabis Cookies


*reduce THC LEVELS to below 3% for anyone under 16.

*organically grown cbd oils with less than 3% thc is safe for any child under the age of 16,

*but THC (at any level over 1% is not to be used on a daily basis; unles your child's health requires it.

**bake cookies at 350 degrees for 17 minutes for little to no THC...


- Crock Pot on Low for 5-7 hours
- 1 oz shake of cleaned greenery
- 2.5 Cups Organic Raw Coconut Oil
- 1 organic pasture raised egg
- Pamela's chocolate chunk cookie mix
- 6 to 7 cups good water
- Rectangular glass container with lid 


  1. add 5 cups water to crock pot
  2. add 2.5 cups coconut oil to crock pot
  3. add 1 ounce cleaned greenery shake to crock pot 
    • no stems, no leaves, and no seeds
  4. stir to prevent burning of greenery on bottom 
    • don't let it come to a boil
    • slight simmering is ok
    • 170 to 210 fahrenheit is range
    • water boils at 212 F
    • more CBD's released at 250+ F
  5. 200 F being target temperature for high THC levels
  6. keep in crock pot for 5 - 7 hours 
    • with intermittent stirring in beginning
    • add room temp water (up to 2 cups) 
      • to cool down mix during crock pot time
  7. remove crock pot liner and let cool on stovetop
  8. pour into large glass rectangular container
  9. refrigerate entire crockpot contents overnight
  10. when coconut oil is solid green block 
    • with greenery stuck underneath
    • pour out brown water
    • and scrape off excess greenery
    • good to leave some greenery in the green block
    • more cannabinoids in the greenery!
  11. now cut green block into four equal chunks
  12. use one chunk per batch of cookies
  13. make cookie dough mix
  14. mix egg with greenery infused coconut oil first!
  15. create 8 equal round balls
  16. flatten balls onto cookie sheets
  17. bake at 285 degrees fahrenheit for 25 minutes 
    • do not exceed 300+ degrees fahrenheit
    • unless you wanna burn off the THC?


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