Glowing jellyfish

Glowing jellyfish - student project

Finally got around finishing!! :) I've been wanting to learn After Effects and this was an interesting experiment... :) Kind of feel that should've bumped the texture opacity more/  be mindful of the size but it was quite the learning experience.

For the idea I went to Nautilus (quite love!) and found a few articles that were interesting and that immediately something came to mind with. 

I tried one of plants and music (have the sketch lying around and would love to use it sometime!)

Why do jellyfish glow?


Glowing jellyfish - image 1 - student project


Glowing jellyfish - image 2 - student project

I still would like to fix some details, like learning how to get the tentacle wrap around the light cable for when the lightbulb turns on...but not sure how to. Maybe in the future 

Thank you Sophia!

PS. It was set to loop forever but guess it didn't want to after all :o