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Gloop Magazine: News Publication for Tween and Teens

Gloop! Magazine is a one-of-a-kind publication for tweens and teens who want to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Gloop offers...

Gloop! offers curated content -- no fluff, no sensationalized stories, just topics that are relevant and interesting. It covers world news and cultural facts in an easy-to-read format. The medium/short articles and vocabulary segments make the news less intimidating and easy to grasp. Our main features highlight the top stories of the moment. They give historical context for better understanding, side boxes with additional information, custom maps and/or charts. You’ll be “in the know” about top stories dominating world news in no time.

Knowledge is Power! It is important for our young people to develop a sound understanding of global issues, so that as they become involved in community decision-making, they do so with a clear understanding of how their actions will impact not only their immediate environment but also their global environment.

And wait! It turns out that parents, teachers, and ESL students also love Gloop! They get caught up with the most recent news in no time and these days, with so much going on around the world, it’s important to stay informed.


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You should care because...

In our 24/7 news world, there is a constant stream of information coming at you through radio, TV and the internet. It's become nearly impossible to shield our children from current events. They’ll ask around or look into the matter themselves simply by browsing the web.

Much of this content comes from sites that are designed for adult audiences and can be distressing, too complex and inappropriate for young readers. Parents aren’t always around to help filter the overload of web content or sift out a story’s veracity.

On the other hand, knowledge of the news and the world offers young readers great benefits. It gives kids insight into their developing political opinions and a sense of justice and morality. It also gives them civic motivation and a sense of responsibility to their communities. From our research, we’ve found that parents want to give their children answers to pressing questions but with their busy lives, they aren’t always on the top of the news themselves. 

Gloop! provides a solution by offering curated news content to fulfill that need but it also presents fun cultural topics that are pertinent to the contemporary world. 

In every issue, you will find...

The feature stories highlight the top stories of the moment. They offer historical context for better understanding, side boxes with vocabulary and definitions, custom maps and charts. You’ll be “in the know” about top stories dominating world news in no time.

Snapshot News: tidbits of world news, covering science, technology, art and more.

History Capsule: major events or discoveries from a given year in the past century that continue to have an impact today.

Geography: beautiful locations from around the world.

Where in the World: discover a particular building, temple, monument, church, house with an interesting story, or architectural importance.

Biography: the life story of an important historical figure, or someone in the news today.

People: discover an interesting tribe or group of people with a unique way of life.

Tidbits: fun facts, interesting foods, strange or unusual customs from exotic locations, and more. 
We have games too, which are always educational and fun!


Thank you for showing your support by subscribing to one of our plans. 


Behind Gloop...

Behind Gloop! you’ll find two dedicated and hard-working women, Karine and Angélica. We are constantly immersed in multicultural surroundings through work, family and friends.
We live and breathe multiculturalism every day!

Karine Da Luz Mendez is an established graphic designer who moved to the US in 1996 from her native country, France. Her parents are originally from Portugal, she has relatives from Colombia and Mexico, and is the proud mother of a trilingual 14-year-old boy. Over the last several years, Karine saw her son’s interest in current events and news begin to grow. In order to satiate his curiosity and encourage his reading, she started looking for magazines that covered contemporary news from around the globe. To her surprise, there weren’t any that were appropriate for her son’s age group and interests. Thus, the concept for Gloop! was born.  

Angélica Camargo is the founder of the award-winning school in Seattle, and founder of, an innovative e-commerce membership-based site that provides teachers with printable Spanish language curriculum, activities and other online teaching tools. An educator and multiculturalism advocate for over 15 years, Angelica has always taught with a mission: to spark curiosity and thirst for knowledge in her students. Born and raised in Mexico City, Angélica has helped hundreds of students become bilingual and has nurtured multicultural awareness in their early years.

Print Matters For Learning and Enjoyment 

Yes, digital content is easy to access and share but it compromises our reading experience. Recent research shows that printed text helps students remain on task and truly comprehend what they’ve read.

A 2014 survey conducted by Scholastic, in collaboration with YouGOV, found that 65 percent of 6-17-year-olds said they would rather read books in print—up from 60 percent just two years earlier.

So, are there advantages in reading from print over digital? According to Naomi Baron, a professor of linguistics at American University the answer is often YES!

The printed page help us foster the four C’s key for reading: “Continuity, concentration, concepts and contemplation. Printed page helps foster all four, arguably better than digital screens.”

But because we love technology so much we want to utilize it as an enhancing and enriching tool. On our website, readers will be able to access current and archived issues and receive monthly digital newsletters. 

Overall, Gloop’s captivating aesthetics, thoughtful and curated content will attract tweens and teens to read, learn, share, connect and spur debates.




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