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Globe Trotting With Illustrator: Create A Rotatable Globe With A Focus On Any Region You Like!

Hi everyone,

Well, here I am doin' it at last - staring at the screen and thinking OMG!

I've somehow decided to actually do this thing, i.e. 'make my first class', right in the middle of a crazy-silly work load (personal note: talk quietly to subconscious about the the *&/%# happened here..)

So, early stages. Working on the steps and stages and breaking down the structures and muttering the sacred mantra of, "K.I.S.S,  K.I.S.S,  K.I.S.S", without reference at all to Gene Simmons I might add.


Use the 3D function in Adobe Illustrator to quickly place a world map onto a surface and create a fully rotatable globe of the world. Great for presentations and reports!

Students will learn how to:

  • Make a 3D extrusion to form a globe
  • How to turn a prepared map image into a symbol
  • Place that symbol onto the globe and rotate it to any region they like
  • How to color and expand the final artwork!

You will need:

  1. Adobe Illustrator CS4 or upwards
  2. Your favorite world region picked out
  3. Enthusiasm!

The Class Project will be to use the above techniques to select your own preferred country/region and make a globe with that location as the focus.

I'm thinking of actually including two example walk-thrus...one using a topographical map (you know, has mountains and hot/cold regions on it - looks a bit lumpy and bumpy), and the other using a different, single color map that has separate countries that can be highlighted...hhmm, not sure yet tho.

8 July - my Class Outline is now view-able at:


16 July

Just uploaded my intro to YouTube,please have a look here!


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