Auro Rubio

Love what you do.



Global warming

Hi there!!

Constantly we watch the news and we are aware of what global warming is and the consequences that affects the planet, but... we are doing anything to stop it. Maybe because we think that is already late, or we are not gonna be directly affect, maybe not at very this moment. But what about the future generations? What about the plants, the animals? We are destroing our enviroment,and the degeneration is getting faster.

My first tought was just make an icon showing the melting isbergs, but the message wasnt strong enough. My second option, was the penguins... but then I realize that they are small and maybe a bigger animal will help me to get a powerful message. So, the winner of this icon is.. a bear. 


This is the final vector version, hope you like it. I really enjoyed working on it.This one is the first of a series of icons and this one is suppose to be located in the industrial area of my city (Mérida, México).


 After my feedback, I made some changes, and it really helped me with the final version!! 




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