Global Culturista and Marketing Professional 

Hey Guys, I'd really value your feedback on my bio!

1. Does it read too informal/young?

2. Should I add more of my technical skills and qualifications?

Taylor is a global culturista, marketing professional, and brand new San Francisco transplant searching for a marketing job with an international company that’s innovating the travel industry or changing the world.

She spent the last year teaching and volunteering in Asia, falafel-ing in the Middle East, and braiding hair as an au pair in Europe. On her around-the-world adventure, she was a staff writer for Wanderings Travel Blog and spilled the rest of the details on Rec on a Trek.

When not wearing the soles off her moccasins on the road, Taylor has worked in marketing and media relations for Gray Line Worldwide, Frontier Airlines, and C-SPAN.

Taylor is a business finance graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is also a photographer, wannabe hip hop dancer, fumbling Spanish speaker, and appreciator of a good IPA.


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