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Global Concrete Culture --> Skate Culture

The KarmaLoop slogan - Global Concrete Culture - speaks to the streets. It also speaks to the Global Skate Culture and 'street skating' which is basically surfing on concrete.

One key component of skate culture is fashion. On that note, it makes sense for KarmaLoop to target the skateboarding market.

The skateboarding market is a global market, which is widespread in large geographical areas such as Australia and Brazil, not to mention Souther California.

The company name - KarmaLoop - which includes the word 'karma' also speaks to the spriitual component of the global skate (and surf) culture. Both the company and the skate culture are about style, artwork, and creativity in general.


Keeping with Greg's teaching and 'knowing your target market' the targeting of the skate culture can be executed through key partnerships with influential skaters and skate companies. These lists can be generated and targets chosen to initiate conversations/meetings with.


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