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Muhammed Conry

Founder/Creative Director



Global Citizen Brand

Name:  Muhammed Conry


Brand Name:  Global Citizen Brand

We're a fashion brand that focuses more on cut & sew products but we'll offer a wide

range of products (i.e. graphic t-shirts, custom jewelry, bags, socks, belts) to

satisfy a wide range of clientele. As a liesure travel lifestyle brand we look to

make fashionable yet comfortable, utilitarian wear.

A Global Citizen is one who not only takes pride in their individuality but one who shares

equal admiration for ALL cultures. Instead of using individual differences as a means of

exclusion, we rather use them as a means of exploration.


Mission StatementA Thread of history....

A world apart but yet so close. Global Citizen is a brand that’s based on bridging the

"Cultural gap". Through Global travels we've learned that our similarities out weigh

our differences by far, and our cultural differences shouldn't be used as a means of

exclusion. Rather, we should live to learn from one another and learn to appreciate and

respect one's differences.  Instead of exploiting other cultures our plan is to shed light

on various cultures through our use of cultural styles, patterns, and fabrics. We'll  look

to give some historical info and on each cultural style we use to tie things together. By

doing this, we'll not only remain current but we'll plant our flag in their Historical timeline.


Slogan: Global History in the Making

We not only want to make noise in the current world of fashion but our plan is to be around

for awhile. With each collection our goal is to make quality products that'll stand the test

of time. In today's, here today gone tomorrow, way of life we're looking to re establish some

old ways of making quality things that'll last. This way our customers will be able to enjoy

a piece for many seasons and not feel like they're defined by a fad from last season. We'll

look to create timeless pieces that'll be able to stand up against any fad driving brand.



Logo: Global Flag

Multi Colored Naval Flag Inspired design, as all naval flags held precise meaning when flown.

The colors represent the basic primary colors used in almost all the worlds flags. The global

 flag is flown to represent the repect of all humanity. 



Iphone case


Hang Tag     


Framed art  


Brand Research:

A few of the brands we keep a close eye on as we aspire to inspire as they do.....




COMMUNE: To communicate intimately

Our goal with the first collection is to start communicating with the CITIZENS OF THE

GLOBE. Through each piece our goal is to let you know what the brand is about.

No hidden agendas....Just trying to Live, Think, Be Global


First offering with be our BRANDED tee. Branded with our logo on the upper left chest

 It will be produced using a high quality tri-blend tee. Which combines the comfort of cotton,

the resilience of polyester, and the superb draping potential of rayon to produce a

vintage t-shirt feel. We'll also offer a tri-blend V-neck for men and women.


This Product is saying:

We believe basic speaks loudly when paired with high quality materials.

Price: $30 for your casual buyer


 Next up is our STRIPED tee. We believe in sticking with classic styles but we also

believe in doing things a little different. Here we Globalized the classic striped tee

by adding our colorway and adding a zig zag pattern to the stripes. Our plan as a brand

is to always offer classic, timeless patterns with our own twist. We'll produce this

specific tee using a high end cotton sheer cotton for a semi-see thru look.


This Product is saying:

We'll always rely on classic designs for inspiration but we aspire to do more.

Price: $38 for your mid-level buyer



Next in our Tee collection we present our TAGGED tee. This particular piece shows

the mindstate of our brand. The pic is an anonymous individual holding a sign that

reads "Keep your coins, I want change". Clearly he/she doesn't have much but he/she

 isn't thinking about just himself/herself. If the ploy for change was simply personal then

finances would be the best help at the persons current state, but he/she is asking for

more than that. Something that'll change more than one's current financial state,

but rather, change that'll influence one's entire way of Living, Thinking, Being.

On the back we scrolled Global across the shoulder blades and placed the symbol

for infinity in the center. The infinity logo signifies the mindset of infinite wisdom

which we believe the picture personafies. This will produce on a high end fine jersey

cotton tee to provide superior comfort.


This Product is saying:

Action is better than words....Live, Think, Be Global

Price: $30 for your casual buyer



Next we have our No Limit tee. Using an image of the clouds above the clouds as

an overall print. This product plays along with another one of our beliefs in that there's

no limit to what we can achieve if not physically, then mentally. There's always

room for elevating beyond what's apparent and taking things to another level. Hopefully,

through the years we'll be able to recognized as one of the brands that moves fashion

forward....only time will tell


This product is saying:

Be bold, Be free, live without limits.....

Price: $38 for yor mid-level buyer


Last we present our History tee. Branded with our slogan we, again provide some insight

into what we're aiming to accomplish with our brand. As we grow our plans are to not

only make an impact in the clothing industry but as a social medium to advocate

positive Global progression. It's more than just's History in the making.


This Produuct is saying:

The change you want to see in starts with you

Price: $30 for your casual buyer


Cut & Sew:



Our cut and sew product is our Hooded Raglan. This light weight hooded sweatshirt with

accents in our Global colorway. Again, color blocking is a classic style we plan to

work with often here at Global CItizen. We've added a hood, removable sleeves and

side pockets to the classic raglan design to make it our own. The body of the raglan

will be produced using high end soft cotton to provide a quality product.

This Product is saying:

We don't plan on re-inventing the wheel, just making a few adjustments will do sometimes.

 Price: $80 for your mid-level buyer





For an accessory we'll produce our Hybrid 5-Panel cap. Another classic staple in most

brands offerings but we're going to give it our Globaized twist again. Here we plan on

constructing a fitted 5-panel with an Scottish Tweed (Harris Tweed). The Global patch

will be sewn onto the back and the underside of each panels will be lined with another

high quality fabric in our colors. Simple yet original...

This Product is saying:

Say hello to my lil friend from Scotland....

Price: $48 for your high end buyer


Bracelets and Necklaces:


We'll Produce some one of a kind bracelets and necklaces using various materials to produce

uniquely designed jewelry. (products shown for visual purposes only)

Price: Varies from $20-$50 for various range of buyers



Branded Car:

Going along with the Global Theme of having a broad sense of being; this gives you

something different from every angle.




About Brand

At Global Citizen we aspire to highlight the beauty of worldwide cultures. Spanning

the globe for inspirational styles, fabrics, and patterns we look to give insight of

various walks of life.

As a Brand we strive to put forth timeless, high quality products that are made to stand

the test of time. Making each piece capable of being passed on through generation,

building on the tradition and the legacy of Global Citizen.


Process Work

Global Citizen started as an idea I had back in 2006 to create clothing that I could

wear myself. Being bigger than your average man makes finding certain kinds of fits

hard and I was just fed up with not being able to find exactly what I wanted. So I began

conceptualizing "My" perfect brand.

As time went on and I matured in my sense of style, my thoughts and visions for the

brand evolved. I began to think of a way to incorporate my love for "all things cool". 

That's when the Global Citizen idea came about. My vision broadened from creating the

perfect "My" brand  to a perfect "Global" brand.

 The idea was to create something that was capable of Global acceptance and recognition.

Also, it was to create something that could promote, rather than, exploit various cultures.

The idea was to create a platform for this through fashion first and ultimately expanding

into other arts, as well as, philanthropic movements.




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