Glitter final: Watercolor: Sketch: Glitter Girl

I added some swirly lines of blue and purple glitter. It's a bit tough to see on the scan. Should I have added a lighter color of glitter? Possibly silver? Let me know what you think. 

Just finished my watercolor piece. I decided to add ink for the line work rather than black watercolor.  I'm keeping the face pretty simple.  Do I need more lines on the dresses like I did in the sketch or are there enough? Any other suggestions?

I completed a few sketches for the blue dress (fourth photo).  I can't decide which pose to choose though.  Any suggestions?  Also, please excuse the poor quality of the scans.

I've always been obsessed with Elie Saab.  His designs are feminine, romantic and elegant.  I especially love his haute couture spring 2013 line.  For this project I wanted to challenge myself by working with highly detailed dresses.  Also, I just like glitter and sparkles but who doesn't?  I chose these photos because of the candid moments backstage. The models poses are carefree yet classic. 


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