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Glitching Bananas

Greetings Glitchers,

I come from the land of bananas and bundas, and I love glitch, but I have no clue how to make them unless I break things in a rather primitive way or if I happen to have a malfunctioning software that causes it for reasons I have no idea. But hopefully this is going to change with this workshop, since I didnt get a headstart because I have no idea what a Hex is, I thought about showing the glitches I have made in the past and sort of modeling the goals I want to pursue now and beyond.

This is, well, I guess a primitive kind of glitch, I smacked multiple times the LCD of an old laptop that got permanently stuck at loading "Windows", photographed the screen and made some lo fi editing..


And this is a series of glitchy images I really like from a software bug I get everytime I open this old music software and I have tons of shit in my screen and I spread out windows and get back and I get this stuff:



And the classy Skype glitch of course, this is my girlfriend:


Oh almost forgot this lovely "natural glitch" I discovered at Google Maps (ipad only):

So yeah, hopefully after this workshop I will understand a bit how this stuff happens and how to catch that black swan of glitch more often!



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