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Original Post

   I spent a very long time trying to decide what to do for this Character Design class, because I didn't want to do anything I've done before, nor make redesigns of old characters. So after many hours of rambling, I finally decided to do some "Sci-fi Hexblade" because I've always loved sci-fi concept art as a viewer, but I felt this was the perfect oportunity to start making my own. I love lean and agile characters, and magic, so it would be very cool to see sime kind of futuristic wizard-ninja, right? And just some minutes ago, I decided to call these kind of characters: "Glitchblades" (because they rely on technology rather than magic and such, you know?)

So, here's the first stage of the project, the thumbnails.

Step 1. Thumbnails

I'm very exited about this class, let's see where can we get to (:

Update 1

   Here's the image showing the characters' structure, it it helps make anything clearer

Update 2

   So, after looking for some feedback both on and offline, I've done some refinement on the most popular silhouettes. Let me know which one would you like to see detailed next.

Step 2: Refinement

Update 3

   Well, many people has liked this character since the thumbnail process, and I feel that it's the one that reaches further from my comfort zone, so I chose him to be the final Glitchblade characer (maybe I'll work on the others later, because I like some of them too, but not since I'm done with this one).

Step 3: Variations

So, there he is, a "techno/magical" melee fighter who knows many techniques to enhance his fighting skills. He carries many digital storage devices that contain a wide variety of spells. He can upload those either to himself or his weapons, depending on the situation. I felt like the character needed to be a cyborg in order to imbue or share some techno-magic with his weapons.

Please tell me what you think, and which version would you like to see refined for the final stage.


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