Glitch Effect

Glitch Effect - student project

Had fun splashing Paint over this one. Looks quite psychodelic...Glitch Effect - image 1 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 2 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 3 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 4 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 5 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 6 - student projectThat's the Duotone mode I came up with...Used all the Gradient Map, Black/White Mode, Rectangles, Text and so on.. Don't know how successful it is but kinda like the colours :)Glitch Effect - image 7 - student projectMuch happier with this one/ shorter and more compact/. Used channel mask again and basically followed the same steps as in the exercise video.Added a bit of drop shadow to the text as well.Glitch Effect - image 8 - student projectLong name version didn't look as 'weavy' as i wanted it too.

And my version of 'grow'. Nice!Glitch Effect - image 9 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 10 - student projectThis Little guy here, didn't change two much.Glitch Effect - image 11 - student projectThis was no doubt the hardest exercise for me. Maybe I was that focused during the tutorial but ended up redoing it don't know how many times.Decided in the end this will have to do at least for today.Glitch Effect - image 12 - student projectProject 03 Focus Area. Wasn't sure how big the drop shadow should be..blending mode Linear Burn, used a bit the brush to make it not so profound near the edges, then Burn Tool to darken some areas on the tomato, Gaussean Blur and added a bit of noise to the background. 

Glitch Effect - image 13 - student projectHappy with the final result .Used select and mask , overlay with the brush .Glitch Effect - image 14 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 15 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 16 - student projectNice and fruity!

Glitch Effect - image 17 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 18 - student project

Enjoyed the color range videos and might sound a bit childish but also the ability to quickly change the colours of the paint or the trees was great!

So much fun!


Project 01 

Struggled a bit with the hair but kinda happy with the final result. Played a bit with channels for the Girl and also applied overlay and vivid light blending mode :)

It seemed very easy when Dan was doing it , but I am continuing practicing!Glitch Effect - image 19 - student projectGlitch Effect - image 20 - student project

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