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Shanay Smith

All that glitters is Glazed!



Glaze Pop Sugar Shop's Branding

Hello Everyone!

My name is Shanay and I am the owner and designer of Glaze Pop Sugar Shop. It is a SoCal based shop that is here to supply you with all things sweet and fluffy!  I just launched it the begining of this summer and put a majority of my time, energy and money into it. I am more than eager to learn ways I can improve my brand and can't wait to see what the future has in store for it!

  • My vision is to instal that childhood creativity and love that we tend to loose as we grow older. as children we love candy, toys, and anything with color! Once we mature and grow older most of us loose our creativity and grow into a cookie cutter lifestyle. It's ok to express yourself, put sprinkles in your coffee and have an action figure or plush toy on your office desk!
  • My mission is to use our upbeat and playful designs to brighten everyone's life and break away from wanting to do and dress like everyone else! Life is sweet and one should be able to enjoy every aspect of it! 
  • I value uniquness, creativity, the child inside, all things sweet, and pure happiness! :D Life can be tough and when you tune into the news, down right scarey at times. We can't dwell on the black & greys, stress and sadnesses of life, but must always invission a better time! Some of our best memories are childhood memories! :D

I've been working very hard on my brand as a whole and am deticated and very excited to improve it in all ways that I can. I have revamped it's instagram since launch date and spend a great time on there to project my brand, product photography and designs. I find social media to be a key source of most brand success. I also spend a lot of time viewing other successful shops and analysing what they do to become successfull and keep their brand's image up. And also how they get many If you want to check it out my IG is, follow me! :D and my online site is 

Thanks for viewing and I look forward to checking out everyone's projects! :D


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