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Glass Painting: Transform used wine bottles into works of art!

In this class you'll learn basic techniques on how to work with high viscosity acrylic paints and relief outliners to transform used wine bottles into beautiful decorative vases! 

Class Project

Wondering what to do with those used wine bottles after the dinner party?  Don't throw them away, instead decorate them with glass paint and turn them into works of art!   Don't have wine bottles? Not to worry!  You can use mason jars or any type of clear glass bottle.  

In this class I'll provide you with step-by-step instructions to paint a design on a wine bottle (or glass jar) with acrylic high viscosity glass paints and relief outliners. 

By the end this class, you would have designed and transformed an old wine bottle into a one-of-a-kind decorative vase!  

Let's get started...join my Skillshare class HERE.

 Remember once you've finished your creation, please share it with me in the Class Projects section!


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