Glasgow Rose Girl

Glasgow Rose Girl - student project

I just used some old stuff to use for practice in this class. I didn't do any new paintings. Here's the original scan of the girl, and of a practice page of roses from my sketchbook.

Glasgow Rose Girl - image 1 - student projectGlasgow Rose Girl - image 2 - student project

I played around with cleaning up the images, but left the jagged border on the blue background because I like ragged edges. I decided to try making a "frame" around it with pink and white, and I gave it a pink background to match the interior roses since the two paintings were never meant to go together and the pinks of the two types of roses are very different! There are quite a few things I could have done better (like separating the leaves and sticking them under the roses so there is no gap). They were supposed to have gaps when they were just alone on a white background, but it's a bit weird when they overlay the portrait. I decided to just post it, though, instead of continuing to mess with it, since this is only for a class project and is supposed to be a learning experience! I would love more classes like this. *hint hint*

Glasgow Rose Girl - image 3 - student project