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Glamorous Nail Art: Nail Art Stamping

Hi guys, my class is finished and complete. Please take a moment to visit and enroll if you like what you see. I will be replacing my introduction video with one that is more of me. thank you in advance and please help me spread the word and the glamour of nail art stamping. 

Published class

Many people believe they either need to visit a salon or have really crafty hands to sport glamorous nails. Join my class for an easy, inexpensive and convenient lesson in glamming up your nails using nail art stamping. In my class you will learn the basics from the best nail art stampers to scrappers and plates. You will learn how to make what you have work for you in order to perfect your manicure and stand out from the crowd. 

Class outline:

Class project:

Summer Fun

Create your own nail art manicure that fits the theme “summer fun”.

Use bright, vibrant and popping colors like; hot pink's, oceanic blue's, neon's, pastel's, and nude's to make a statement. Then AMP up your summer look with flora, fauna and patterned plates.

You can choose to cover your entire nail with a pattern, or do more precise stamping and glam it up with strokes, dots, and glitter to add to the fun.

You are encouraged to upload videos and images of both your progress and completed looks to our classes project gallery.


Published class


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