Glacial Entrance | Skillshare Projects

Felipe E.

Industrial Designer



Glacial Entrance

Image Reference and Inspiration:

I had some images that my dad took when he went to the south of Chile to laguna San Rafael and took some pictures of the glacier. I was really moved by the atmosphere. So dense and cold. So I searched for some more referencing in terms of color and ideas that could point the same direction.

Sketching and exploring:

I started doing some sketches inspired on the images. Some random blob and some other more figurative stuff that might be of improtance for the design of the image.

Blocking the shape:

Started blocking the shape of one the sketches above I liked. Put them in different layers, and texturize them a bit and added a bit more atmosphere to the background. Color picked a bit of a color so I could have an initial feel to it.

More to come...


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