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Giving of Spirit: Link to the song I wrote:

The story begins where we are.  It about the battle within that each of us.  It is the story we share as we each try to become what our potential really calls us to be.

This story is about the shortcuts that turn into a fool's path and the long road back to where we start again.

It is about faith, failure, letdown, unattained dreams and redemption.

The story is about the ongoing battle between staying conscious and caring in a world we oten see though eyes of fear.  A benign environment that often allows us to fool ourselves into acting like the dog eat dog place of our worst fears and nightmares.  

The story is told from the perspective of a middle aged man who might have just one more chance to get it right.  

The story is told on a fretboard, of fingers touching wood and strings.  It is told through the sound of a guitar and the not so great voice of a 52-year-old man who is trying to clear his conscious and get his story streight though the gift of a song.

Here is what the story is NOT about:

It is not about succeeding in the short term.

It is not about making a ton of money and the screaming fans of a fantacy concert.

It's about coming clean.  It's about creating something of value, it is discovering something of value in a most unexpected place and the surprisingly refreshing thoughts of someone who almost gave up about giving, and perhaps one of life's true purposes.   

There is an ancient belief that the purest and most valuable gold can be found in the deepest dung pile, in the most unlikely of places.

Like the leather of a worn saddle, its softness, stability, wisdom can be found after it has been earned, perhaps even after life has put the wrinkles in a man’s face.  

The story tells us that this is still the time of life to give, in fact, it is the most important time to give, before it all fades away like eventual ending of a beautiful southwestern sunset….

So the project is giving the song that the muse has given me.  The title of the song is Echos of the Dreams Gone By.  I wrote it as I turned 50.  Its the story of a life that didn't go quite as planned and of the redemtion of trying again...

Below is a link to my song.  I hope you enjoy it.


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