Giving Grocery Store Flowers a Makeover

Giving Grocery Store Flowers a Makeover - student project

I think I've found my new favorite hobby! Since we're in social distancing times, I wasn't able to forage or visit a dedicated flower market, but luckily the grocery stores near me are still stocking fresh flowers. Instead of doing what I normally do—just seeing a bouquet and figuring "it is what it is"—I shopped keeping in mind how I could mix the flowers based on color, texture, and composition. My bird of paradise plant also needed a trim, which is the big green leaf below:

Giving Grocery Store Flowers a Makeover - image 1 - student project

It was simple to clean the flowers, and I felt like I actually knew what I was doing thanks to Spencer's clear instructions, and how he talked through his thought process. I knew I wanted to create a bouquet for a friend going through a tough time, but apart from that I went into the arranging process with an open mind and let the flowers guide me. I love the bright, tropical vibe I ended up with. Clearly I'm dreaming of a warm outdoor escape right now. I finished the bouquet with rubber bands (twine is in the mail now!):

Giving Grocery Store Flowers a Makeover - image 2 - student project

Lastly, I saved my trimmings like Spencer suggested and made a cute mini arrangement for my shower!

Giving Grocery Store Flowers a Makeover - image 3 - student project

I've already revisited these techniques so many times over, and plan to become the "friend who makes bouquets" for people's birthdays. Am amateur florist now?!

Obreanna McReynolds
Senior Content Producer @ Skillshare