Givify - Mobile Generosity

Givify - Mobile Generosity  - student project

Givify is a non profit organisartion that gives all mobile users the ability to donate, as little or as large an amount of money as they please to specific projects in the developing world.

Rather than signing up for monthly donations for an entire year, Givify offers you the change to contribute to tangible projects, with a start, middle and end! No more vague bottomless pit for your donation to get lost in. Follow your money. All of our project sources are are highly accountable for every cent donated. 

Users can donate as much or as little as they want as often as they want. If everyone Givifies a little it won't take a lot to make the world a better place...

Create a Givify home page and profile! All of the projects that you have contributed to will be highlighted on your PROJECT LINE. Upon completion of each project you will recieve a short clip highlighting exactly how your donation helped! 

Want to meet other like minded people? Givify also gives you the ability to socialise online and meet people who, like you have supported the same projects, but also, gives you the chance to communiate with those who physically worked on each project and most importantly the people who benefited from the project for example a school in Ghana, irragation system in India or a Clean water well in Kenya !

Share you projects on Facebook and twitter anf show the world how you Givify....

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