Jess Neill

Strategy at GSP NY




Gifting is a two-way transaction. The recipient gets the gift, and the giver gets the satisfaction of giving. 

Given is a wishlist that makes the inherent value of the gift front and center, making the act of giving a gift not about giving stuff, but adding value to the recipient’s life.

When a user creates a wish list, they will list both the item and the greater value the gift will give them. When the giver arrives on Given they will find the gifts shown first by this deeper life value the recipient will find in the gift, and then be able to access the product information.

A bridal registry list could include: 

  • A Saturday Morning Omelet Tradition; a frying pan
  • Hassle Free Morning: automated espresso machine

A graduation gift list:

  • The Ability to See New Places: Luggage Set

A kid’s birthday list:

  • Getting off a Cliffhanger: The last Hunger Games Book
  • Making the 3 hour drive to Grandma’s House Fun: Handheld Game


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