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Giveable Greetings

I've had a shop on Etsy for some time now and traffic is generally pretty good. It never hurts to take a class on how to improve, though, so I'm looking forward to hearing the information here and applying it.

 I have a background in 2d animation and graphic design (as well as an addicition to stationery), so I started my own shop where I sell my greeting cards and paper goods as well as a few 'punny' novelty gifts and retail store signs.

This is my shop so far.


Update Dec. 6

I've been working on templates for my photos so that I can have lighting and composition the same in every shot to add cohesion. Once the Christmas rush is over i'll work on firming this up a bit, but for now I'm quite happy with my portrait and landscape cards. I may add a few elements here and there so the shots aren't so obviously the same.


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