Give it life! A homepage analysis of Women's World Banking

Hi all,

I am on the marketing and communications team at Women's World Banking. We will be updating our website in the coming months after the current branding exercise. I found it hard to focus on one thing, maybe because there is so much baggage that goes along with the website in its current form so instead I went for a project that focused on the homepage and it's biggest problem--it's lame. 

I looked at three elements and had recommendations for each, using competitive audits: Layout, Content and Navigation. 

I'm a little short on the research (on time as well) and most of the recommendations are aesthetic, so I would appreciate any comments on the validity of these recommendations, any other stuff I missed. If the slides are a little sparse, it's because I try to keep my talking points off the screen so people have a reason to listen to me :) 

Link here:

Thanks so much!


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