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Give Bundle

Update: 04/09/13

I thoroughly enjoyed this class but unfortunately ran out of time at the very end. When signing up for S3, Amazon is taking awhile to approve me. Still waiting and it's been longer then a day. Oh well! The site is up on localhost and it looks great.

Update: 03/25/13

Not too much new to report. I have been trying to update the forms using the Simple_form gem and ran into a glitch. Getting help here.

Update: 03/18/13

Had lots of fun adding bootstrap. It is so easy to use?! I remember back in the day having to do all this css by ourselves. I'll take this approach anyday!

Going out of town and do more work in a couple days. I'm really liking this class.

Update: 03/14/13

Watched the first 2 videos, got the environment to work and app up and running. Had a problem installing Rails for which the Google Group for RailsInstaller was super helpful. Here is my app,


My Project

What if you offerred for a limited time only, a package of socially responsible products, where for every package purchased, the participating companies double their offer. For instance, Pacha soap gives 1 bar of soap to the needy for each bar sold. Another example is Cuipo bottles by Sigg, which with each sale saves a square foot of rainforest. In our offer, customers by a package which includes these great products and others like them all together in a bundle at a sale price. And for the limited time, the participating companies double their offer.

The pitch is that with each purchase, you save x amount of rainforest, feed a 3 children for for a year, clothe 3 babies etc. ALL AT ONCE! Instead of buying one product where the return is hard to notice, the "" offer is much easier to grasp. There would also be a price cut on quality products.

On the app side of things, I want to build a system similar to a local deal site where the sale is member-only, limited and expires. I will need to build the following aspects

  1. login and sign-up
  2. simple store / checkout
  3. countdown to next sale feature
  4. notification system - notify of new sale


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