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Git 'er done!

Starting out Day 1:

Oof, my diagnostic quiz results are ...

Phase 1: Collect...         Warning

Phase 2: Process...      DANGER!

Phase 3: Organize...     DANGER!

Phase 4: Review...        Warning

Phase 5: Do...                DANGER!

Phase 1:

My containers will be...

Evernote, Things,, and a physical inbox.

HOLY CRAP... I've never seen this message before: "No new mail!"

I've always been bogged down by email but now it's got places to go and I've got actionable stuff to get done. So far this project is awesome!

Phase 2:

Processing tasks was a little difficult but I decided I was spending too much time overthinking projects vs areas so I just created it and will go back to edit later if need be.

Onwards to...

Phase 3:

Organizing seemed to go smoothly so I guess I didn't do to terrible deciding on projects and areas. I like the way this is done because often I try to break things down from big to little (areas to projects to tasks) but then I get lost in the details. This helps me take actions I plan to take and use that to clarify my overall momentum. If that makes sense... ?

Phase 4:

Reviewing. Hm well I'm going to use the examples for Daily, Monthly, and Weekly reviews for now and see how it works. Try and adjust, right?

Phase 5:

As I started tagging, I realized that I internally stress out and correlate high energy with high priority tasks. So I will just use Context, Time, and Energy tags and my areas are either Work or Personal.


Time to re-organize (6 months later)...

I fell off the wagon for awhile and let my life get a bit chaotic but all the while I kept this course in mind. Now that things have stabilized a bit and I'm ready to get back on track, I'm here to update my project.

Before I was a bit worried about selecting areas of responsibility vs projects but this time I'm quite pleased. 

Areas of responsibility:

  • Be Social - Keep touch with friends. Make time to connect.
  • Blogging - New posts, respond to comments, etc.
  • Business Team - Touch base and attend events.
  • Dating - Continue to grow relationship with dates.
  • Family - Keep in touch. Make time to connect.
  • Grow My Business - Keep in touch with customers, etc.
  • Health - Eye doctor, dentist, etc.
  • Household - Laundry, grocery shopping, change lightbulbs, etc.
  • Idea Validation - Continue to validate my business ideas for new opportunities 
  • Learning something new - Keep growing as an individual. 
  • Meetups - Organizing/Attending meetups

One thing that helped is that I placed time limits on projects and will update them at the next month check in so that I can evaluate my progress if it's an on-going project that is part of an Area of Responsibility.


  • Annual music festival - Plan and get tickets for annual get together w/ friends
  • Boots repair - self-explanatory
  • New Customers (March 2014) - Reach my new customer goal
  • Organize Meetups (March 2014) - self-explanatory
  • Passport - Work towards getting my passport
  • WDI Blog posts - Post about WDI experience
  • WDI course - Finish GA's Web Dev Course
  • WDI: Job Stand Up - Part of WDI getting resume and portfolio ready

I'll be back to update some more as I go. It's in my Things to do! ;-)


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