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'Giselle' Poster

Hey! The name is foxdreams and I'm really rusty on illustrator stuff so I wanted to do this class!

I thought I would have more work in progress shots but once I sat down I sped through this project in around 2 nights, so!

I went through a lot of posters but something about this one really gripped me because everything about it is gorgeous, and unfortunately the only ref image I could find was a SUPER low res tiny image. I felt like going through and copying it might do it justice, almost.

I knew going into this that this would be a challenge for me on the pen tool, because I'm a super novice, and also that trying to get a paintery look with illustrator tools could be difficult.

For the wispy bits and the cloth, I mostly used the pencil tool and messed with the stroke to do that ragged edge appearance, to mimic the texture a bit. The flowers were all pencil, too. The body of the woman is pretty much all pen tool contours, and the Giselle text is all shape building. I used the shape builder tool on certain parts of the woman, too.

Overall I had a lot of fun and I think it turned out pretty good!

Original is below, and then my copy is below that:




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