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Girly Indie Mandala

Update 3:

So, I made another one! This time I decided to go with pastel (like I said before), and I think I actually like this one more, may be something I'd put on the wall of my living room :)

Please let me know what you think! It is my first tablet project, so I'm still learning and I'd appreciate any input :)

I will move on to the shading now, will post it soon!


Update 2:

Finished the shading and coloring!

Here's how it looked shaded: 

And colored:

I went with a candy / girldy inspiration for this one. I'm considering making a second one with another color scheme, maybe a bit more pastel instead of the bright candy vibe :D


Update 1:

Just finished my first sketch! Looks like this:

Will start the shading soon!


Hello Everyone! Just started with this project, will be posting my first sketch soon. I used the following images as inspiration (got them from Pinterest):

I want to make it girly but flowy, and I want to take some indie elements and put it into it as well!

I'll come back soon with my first sketch! :D


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