Girls, girls, girls...

Girls, girls, girls... - student project

I started from details studying according the lessons - eyes, noses, lips... Tried to play with shapes and proportions to create different kind of mood every time.

Girls, girls, girls... - image 1 - student project

Then I decided to make a small experiment and use a craft paper for the full portrait =) I think it helps to emphasize the highlights. But it was hard to make a needed depth with pencils, so I added gray markers a little.

Girls, girls, girls... - image 2 - student project

And finally I went to class project =) As you may guess, I like to add some emotions to my works, usually it is anxiety of fear, nothing personal, I just think that sad emotions are more powerful.  ;)

So, here it is:

(it's like "your face when you look at your old drawings" =D)

Girls, girls, girls... - image 3 - student project

(PS - sorry for the low pictures' quality)

April update: another one character, tried to create this time something very different.

Girls, girls, girls... - image 4 - student project