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Girl's Birthday Card - Summer Theme.

Hi there.  Hope you don't mind a guy submitting a project.  :)

I'm not new to Illustrator, but I definately don't consider myself an expert either.  I have an Etsy store and have planned on opening a 2nd with printed cards and other things so I thought this class would be a good motivation to get me started.

I had fun creating this Happy Birthday card and I learned a couple of things in your class.  Thanks.

My thought was to have something of a summer themed birthday card and so I looked for a few palates for the color.  While I didn't stick to my originial palate 100%, it did help having it as inspiration.



I was originally going to build a flower where the little bird is on the fence.  Here are a couple flower pics that I picked out.



Ultimately, I went with the birdy.  The result is below.



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