Aislin O'Hara





Hey Everyone,

I am a very amature artist. I have never had any formal art training, just from books and youtube! I paint in acrylics and have NEVER used water colour before. 

I also know next to nothing about fashion except that I love Katie Rodgers paintings of them and something there resonates with me. 

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I love all ballgowns that are girlie and romantic looking.

The main designers that I found I loved the most were:


-Oscar de Larenta

-Sherri Hill

-Elie Saab (most fav!!) 

Here are MY FINAL COMPLETION of 4 dresses....from sketch to embellishment:

1. The Purple Dress

2. The Green Dress



3. The St. Pattys Day Dress


4. The White Dress

Inspiration/Working in progress:

Project Milestone 2: Sketches.

I have added some sketches below...sorry they are hard to see because I was sketching so lightly:


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