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Girlfriend in a Coma

This book makes me cry every time. Even when I'm in the middle of it, questioning "why did this make me cry last time?"... and then I get to the end and I'm a one-woman waterfall.


Tons of imagery in this book: ski resort, ski clothes, arrested development, high school students, high school party, living in Vancouver: forest and ocean; conifers; losing one's virginity, pregnancy, young mothers; distraction: drinking, drugs, workaholism; neighborhood: rabbit lane; owl figurines. Hospitals: hospital gowns, machines that show your vitals, drip bags.

But overall, what I came back again and again is arrested development -- the main characters are all "stuck" at the age of 17, though they continue to age. In the book they all see their potential and are challenged with having the courage to live true to their heart and to hold those around them to the same.

Idea one: synapse connection

Bright, glowy jewel-toned synapses running along C

Here, the squiggly lines would be glowy-jewel-toned lines. Where they cross other synapses they would glow brighter. This shows the potential brain activity of the "girlfriend in a coma" as well as the potential of all our characters -- to make connection and shine brightly.

Idea two: stuck in high school - arrested development

Varsity letter on a letterman's jacket

And here are the sport pins or patches that would be sewn on top of the varsity letter:

Varsity level!

I am gravitating towards this one. Showing the letterman's jacket implies high school. For most of the book our main characters are 34, so this shows how they are stuck at that high school level and the sports they are lettering in.


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