Girl with red shirt

Girl with red shirt - student project

I really loved this class! It was clear and fun and easy to follow with doable steps. I love illustrating portraits. My style is a bit different, i use lot's of textures and not so clear lines, so I really wanted to try this. It was funny because I had to tell myself to stop, otherwise I would have been busy with textures and shadows another 3 hours. I can really lose myself there. So this was very refreshing and I like the result. I do not work in procreate, the iPad pro is still on my wishlist, so I worked in Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq.


Girl with red shirt - image 1 - student project


Girl with red shirt - image 2 - student project


I drew another one, and this time i stopped really early in the proces. ;-)

Girl with red shirt - image 3 - student project


Here the file where i had my sketches on another layer, i wanted to trace those but then i liked it white.

Girl with red shirt - image 4 - student project



Esther Mols