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Girl with a hairclip

I'm really looking forward to this assignment. It's my fourth Skillshare assignment. I'm really enjoying getting back into drawing.

10 Faces


I have a confession to make...

I've probably haven't followed the structure of this course nearly as well as I should. I got rather caught up in drawing the one character (below) and I am now retracing my steps to looking more at faces and body type sketching before I continue. I think my enthusiasm got the better of me and hope that's OK!

I struggled a bit with the hands and feet and also I think there was a bit of a twist in the body - legs and hips compared to the top of the body though I hope for the most part this is fixed now. Let me know what you think. All feedback welcomed.


Developing the characters further

I start to develop one of the female character illustrations further. I'm really pleased with how it's gone but after a couple of days break from the assignment I realised that maybe I should try to develop the two female characters in the manga style of the assignment. Drawing in a manga style is something new to me so it's good to try something new. It's is the Webcomic 'challenge' after all!


Character Portraits

I've decided to go with two female characters as my webcomic main characters. I've also tried bigger pupils in the eyes. Let me know what you think.


I've also tried out one of the characters in colour and also a few more quick sketches of the characters to get a better feel for who they are and to get use drawing them again and again.


Here are the characters with the head heights. There is a bit of difference in styles which I hope to make consistent in future drawings. I've struggled a bit with the legs. Any opinions and advice on this or any other aspect of the drawings is welcomed.



Just had a couple of hours spare so here is a colour version of one of my characters. Hopefully next week I'll have time to do the girl with the hairclip in colour too.


I decided to try going vector for another illustration of the 'Girl with a hairslide' as vector is what I'm use to using day in day out. It gives me the cleanest of lines.

That said the underlying drawing is still a sketch done on a Wacom with Photoshop as it gives me the most natural and uninhibited drawing.

As I'm new to drawing 'big eyes' Manga style art I am a little concerned about getting 'feature drift' on the face. I'm not good at spotting this so any feedback on this is very welcome.


Here's the other main character also as a sketch that I then took into Illustrator to draw as a vector illustration. She's now got a name... Koshie.


Back again! As I've been refining the style of the characters - cleaner vector lines I thought I'd have another stab at the full figure drawing of the Girl with a Hairclip (she still doesn't have a name so suggestions welcomed!) I think the figure and expression is maybe a bit stiff. I still like the portrait I did previously more but it's all progress. I might try out some facial expressions next.

I can't wait for the next assignment in the Webcomic challenge. I've loved seeing everyone else's work develop.



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