Girl in Gotham Designs redesign

Girl in Gotham Designs redesign - student project

I currently have a website for my side business where I design and sell handmade jewelry and home decor items.  It is made with a purchased Wordpress template, using Wordpress as my CMS.  It's fine, but I've run into some problems with it.  The template may be overly complicated for me and my HTML and CSS skills aren't at a place where I feel like I can tweak the site and make it exactly what I want.  That's why I'm taking this class.  Whether I stay with Wordpress as my CMS or not, I hope to have a site that is exactly what I want and that I'm able to update easily and that won't cause me such headaches that I avoid updating (like I usually do now).

Here's what the homepage currently looks like:

Girl in Gotham Designs redesign - image 1 - student project

Here's the link to the first milestone/pages for the class:

3/7/13 - Code Challenge 1.2 

  • Table added to Blog page
  • Video added to Home page
  • Contact form added to Contact page 

3/12/13 - Code Challenge 2.1

  • Added an audio file with controls to About page. Despite the fact that the code was validated and the files uploaded correctly, it doesn't seem to be working.    I'll post details of the problem in a discussion thread.
  • Added semantic elements to all pages
  • Added metadata to all pages.

3/13/13 - Fixed issue with embedded audio files (from Code Challenge 2.1).  File name was wrong.  All fixed!

3/15/13 - I finished the 2.2 Code Challenge but none of the styles seem to be reflected in my pages.  Please see question posted in discussion area.

3/16/13 - Thanks to the eagle eyes of fellow student, David Webb, my CSS is now working!  YAY!  I was just missing the "link rel=" code in my pages.

3/21/13 - There was an awful lot to absorb in Lesson 3.1.  I've made some headway with Code Challenge 3.1 on my index page (  Still struggling to make some of the code work on my other pages, but I'm getting there.

3/22/13 - Finished up making changes from Code Challenge 3.1 on the rest of my pages.  Still puzzling over a few weird things, but getting there.  Also completed Code Challenge 3.2, but still feeling a little frustrated about some wonky elements.