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Girl and her Greyhound Designs

I'm having issues even commiting to a project name. LOL - Girl and her Greyhound...the Painting Veterinarian Designs...Winged Sheep Designs (it's been my online screen name forever).  Ugh.  I'd like to get a Christmas card line started - so that will be my project here!

Here's the art from above.  It's just a scanned ATC.


Actually get to sit down and work on some sketches. Background noise = I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown.

  Let's see if I can finish the actual art tonight...

Well here's a first draft.  I slipped and spilled black ink under the left eye (Gary's left).  *Sigh* Why do slip ups always come at the end?

4/2/2014- edit.  I've been working on a whole set of designs for a church that's placed a large order.   Here are my sketches for the designs :)  I made a set of hedgie valentines that sold really well so I was going to go with those for a bit. 


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