Girl Power! a Female Fantasy Warrior in the Making ^^

Okay, so I did refine some of the silhouettes I did but none of them were really to my liking and I kinda got stuck, and figured I might as well start over. Cause thumbnailing is fun!! Yaayy! Still kinda the same theme; female fantasy-ish warrior rogue type of girl. My previous attempts ended up too... unnatural maybe, or unpractical, (and skimpy haha, it's my curse) .. So this time I tried thinking about the character, what they'd bring, need, wear etc, to make her more believable.

Take 2 here it is:

jups, any feedback is always welcome ^^


Okay, Painted some more... Feel like I should take a break now to get some distance. But here are my 5 refined silhouettes.. I like 3 of them, 1 I am going to start over on because I like the thumb, but not the refined one..:p and one just didn't work, oh well, now I know ^^ Feedback on what you guys think is as always appreciated.. ^^

So I decided to finish this character design a while back, and just haven't gotten around to post it :p I did some variations on a few of these characters and then refined. I put it together in a character sheet, so I'll just upload that ^^



So I started this class just recently, and have been working on my thumbnail sketches so far (and can I say I LOVE the new brushes we got >.< .. yoy!) and I'm fairly ok with them - it's my first time trying out this method, so should be interesting to see what pops up.

Anyhoo, as my description points out this is a female fantasy warrior, or more like an assasin or hunter or rogue or that kinda thing.. I'll see what happens more with her later :p

Awesome if you want to comment on which ones would be worth working more on, or if I should redo them all ^^


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