Girl Portrait

Girl Portrait - student project

Hello Hardy

As my first "from sketch to final product" project, i choosed a portrait of a woman. I like the expression and the skin-rendering. The expression changed a lot from the sketch to the end. I think the women's hair doesn't look like hair. It looks kinda wet and not belivable. In your video, there is a bald man. So i tried it by myself. How do you paint Hairs? I'm open for your critics and i woud appreciate it, if you give me a critical feedback!

I liked the course a lot! Its easy to understand and there's a lot of good information in it. Thank's Hardy!

Girl Portrait - image 1 - student projectGirl Portrait - image 2 - student projectGirl Portrait - image 3 - student projectGirl Portrait - image 4 - student project

Lars Engeli
Illustrator in training