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Girl In A Slayer Jacket

First of all, thanks to Leo for the class. I don't Any Visuals ready to upload yet, but soon they will be added to this post for your suggestions.

To Introduce myself, I am Arif, studying a degree in Animation in BCFE, Ireland.

My three ideas were:

1. Boat Race: Three of us were working on a student project for script writing. One day we bought some beer and went to the nearest canal to discuss the script idea and drink while we were there. After few drinks we forgot all about script writing and we were tearing all pages from the book we developed our script and started to make paper boats and played boat race on the canal.

2. I work in a retail store, and often had problem with shoplifters. So I tried to sneak the story where the shop lifter said he was possessed by devil and the devil told him to steal.

3. I was in the front row of  Black Sabbath 2013 concert in Belfast. I saw a girl in front row getting pushed by the crowd and the moshpit. I felt sorry for her so told her to take my space, when she got to my place i place my arms on the bars so i can be like a barricade between her and the people pushing from behind. After a while situation got bit romantic between us, but then one guy came in and started to talk to her and then she left with him.

I went for idea number 3 cause I thought there's more story to develop than the other two.

Thumbnails are done so far but after watching leo's first pass video i realized all my thumbs are plain and has no depth or perspective hence boring. so it's time to moderate the thumbs.

Thanks for reading!.


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