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Girl Gang Aesthetic – The Teddy Girl

I've always wanted to blog but have never had a defined enough vision. Through lots of Squarespace lessons I've honed my idea for a femme fatale/girl gang website. One of the last lingering requirements before I relaunch is starting my blog. I want to do it well.

Topic: Girl Gang Aesthetic – The Teddy Girl

Type: How to with a list section in the middle

Objective: Help women understand what Teddy Girl style is: why it’s historically important and how it differentiates from rockabilly or an American 50’s greaser look.

Feel: Inspiration & Enlightenment. I want women to have more respect for Teddy Girl Style by understanding the subversive social commentary behind it. I want them to feel inspired to try it out, or at least to think more about the meaning behind their wardrobe.

Action: I want people to download the accompanying Teddy Girl Aesthetic Reference Guide .pdf file, or share an illustration or photo on social media.


1) Brief Introduction

  • include Photo portraying Basic Teddy Girl Aesthetic

2) History

  • post war & rise of the teenager
  • talk about the lower-class revolt against the upperclass using Edwardian/Dandy fashion
  • photo reference: Porträt des Baron Schwiter (1827). Eugène Delacroix.
  • Briefly mention Ken Russell’s forgotten photos of British Teddy Girls as some of the earliest documented girl gang photos

3) Fashion Reference Guide

  • use hand drawn imagery to break down the different aspects of teddy girl style
  • format photos for easy sharing on pinterest
  • compile into free .pdf book

Bonus: Possible Follow Up Articles/Media

  • DIY Teddy Girl Bowtie
  • Hair Tutorial
  • Turn the post into a video


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