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Gingham v2

June 30th

Just uploaded Gingham v2 to Spoonflower!  

here is the link:

June 30th - Final Spoonflower Pattern

Nothing like spending 4 hours working on this only to have my computer crash and lose most of my work!  Fortunately, I had exported some test png's and was able to manipulate those a bit (did you know you can edit your colors in spoonflower? nice!) to get my final pattern back in check.

I tried adding texture per Lesson 4 but for my particular design, it made it very busy, so I nixed it.  I ended up simplifying my pattern a lot from the one I was originally leaning towards using (uploaded in "experimenting with pattern" section below).  I think I will enter another spoonflower contest in the future so I can practice vectorizing some of my sketches but it didn't really fit my concept for this contest.  

I developed a pattern that used overlapping stripes (in the true spirit of gingham) to create all the shapes.  I think it came out pretty clean.  I hope it reads "picnic"!

June 28th - Update

Just getting back to this after a couple busy weeks.  Played around with some brush styles in illustrator but to be honest, I'm not really feeling the loose sketchy look.  

I'm much more drawn to integrating geometric patterns for the gingham concept.  Tried a more simplified (literal?) version of the design I posted below in "experiments in pattern"

I'm hoping if I add more texture (instead of just being straight color swatches) - havent quite figured out in my head how i go about adding texture though.  Better get back to the lessons...

Experiments in Pattern

Trying out a few more patterns.  Think I'm getting close but I'm concerned it's getting too vintage.  Is it losing the "picnic" feel ?




4th of July Fun

Not sure if its because we had corn on the cob, chicken fingers and lemonade for dinner but I was feeling the 4th of July love tonight.  Kind of a deviation from my concept, but fun none-the-less.  Tomorrow, back to gingham.

Illustrator Screen Shots

Tried a few more this evening.  Hoping to get a pattern I like and then freehand and add some texture to loosen it up.

Illustrator Screen Shots

I started out with a basic gingham and then tried to replicate some of my sketches....some more successfully than others. Once I get a pattern I am happy with, I would really like to learn how to get some texture in there to get some dimension and avoid the look of flat color swatches.  I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas you might have for me on patterns!

started with the basic gingham then tried to make it a little more fun...


then tried a similar approach with a circular pattern and adding in some additional detail.  I like how this still achieves the checker board effect.


Still running with the checker board but this was a little too busy for my taste.

Had a little fun with a chevron approach but I think this loses the concept of a pattern or checkerboard that has overlapping color.


Feeling a little stuck.

Time to sketch!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm really feeling inspired by reinterpreting the gingham pattern.  But I'm wondering if this is too cliche and literal?  Explored the idea with some sketches anyhow.  Let me know what you think...

Let's get inspired - image gathering

It's all about the concept - brainstorming activity

Right now I am really feeling inspired by the classic red gingham.  I've got ideas bouncing around my head for reinterpreting this classic pattern.  Taking the three basic colors in gingham (red, white and the red/white mix) and creating patterns beyond the basic check.  Overlapping circles or a pinwheel of triangles.  Could be really fun and still familiar to the theme.


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