Gingerbread House in a Snow Globe!

Gingerbread House in a Snow Globe! - student project

Thank you Nina for this super cute class! This is the cutest ever gingerbread house in a snow globe. I probably took like 4 hours to finish it, but it was 4 hours of fun! I learned some techniques too, like that white space/line we left for the shiny part of the candy cane, and a good reminder with all the shading. 

There is SO much to this illustration! All the little details, and I smudged more than once, so white gouache is my friend. ;-) I left out the salt, I don't know why, I do not like that technique. I guess I lack patience to let it completely dry! So I used droplets of water here and there, and the result is not as spectacular, but nice enough. And I made the tiny splatters with a flat brush with hard bristles.

The best part was adding my own touch; I added Santa on the roof, and a chimney through which Santa drops the bag of presents. First I made the chimney a marshmallow, but the pink didn't fit with the rest, so beige-ochre it is. And I meant to make Santa a chocolate candy, but then I went in with red! I guess it matches the candy cane a bit.

Update 19 Dec: added the twist on the chimney, and the star pattern on Santa's bag! I like it! 

Gingerbread House in a Snow Globe! - image 1 - student project

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