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Nick Dinnen

UK designer/illustrator/animator



Gingerbeard the Pirate Captain - Character Illustration Project

Hi guys,

I'm a bit late to the party on this project but having seen all the wonderful work done by others I felt inspired and want to join in.

Pinterest Board

I've drawn pirates before so I have an existing Pirate Pinterest board that I've been adding to. It's here: Pirate Captain and Crew Pinterest Board.

Initial sketches

Here are my initial sketches for a pirate captain. He's more friendly than threatening. He's a bit of a well fed Pirate so I found it easiest to imagine his basic body shape as being like a butternut squash!

The forth pirate from the left ended up far more squat than I planned so I'll be redrawing him with his head higher up. In the last pirate I liked the idea of him trying to inspire his crew with a speech. Let me know what you think so far.

I've done a correction to one of the pirate captain sketches so his head is higher. I'm still drawn (pun intended) to the pirate standing on the barrel. If I do go down that route I'll be drawing the pirate crew too.

I've sketched out some more pirate poses but I think I'm still leaning towards the pirate on a barrel. 

I followed the suggestion of dimming the existing sketch and going over it picking out stronger and better lines to refine the sketch. This helped a lot for getting more interesting shapes and details for the cuffs and boots.

This morning on my train ride into London I started creating the vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator. I usually use Illustrator for my artwork from start to finish so it's going be interesting taking it into Photoshop.

I appreciate I've come quite late to this project (some work seems to be from the middle of 2013) but if you do get a chance to give me feedback that would be great. 

Not sure whether I've nailed how the jacket should sit (left side of picture). Any ideas?

Digital Painting - Work In Progress

I thought it might help that rather than posting a finished illustration that I take a snapshot of it part way through. Let me know if you think something isn't working.

Final Artwork

So here he is! What's changed? Hand with fingers, more detail to the pirate captain's coat. Bits of wear and tear too and shadow. Let me know what you think.


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