Ginger Kitty

Ginger Kitty - student project


I love drawing since I was a child; I only used pencils, later I did some digital works.
I'm a total beginner when it comes to soft pastels. Recently I wanted my drawings to become colorful, so I did some research on various fanarts and thought that pastel chalk was really interesting. It's fun to draw and I think the material is kinda "forgiving". (If I did some mistake, I could cover it with another color and hide the mistake)

Then I found your skillshare profile.
I really liked your work and your understanding of art (there's no right or wrong), and your story made me think about life and I got the motivation to try out some new stuff!


Ginger Kitty - image 1 - student project

Here it is - my version of the ginger kitty.
I can see so many mistakes by looking at it, it's interesting how it turned out so differently! Btw, I don't own those pastel pencils - the eyes really frustrated me haha!
What I don't like is the somehow greyish shadow color - I didn't even use a grey tone. I try not to be too hard to myself, though - since I'm still a beginner in pastels.

I hope I can learn more from you in the future! :

- Kerstin, with greetings from Germany