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Ginger’s Big Adventure at Sea

I envision this as more of a children's storybook, rather than a movie. Right now there are only wide shots and middle shots. I'm not an illustrator, but have tried to consider what illustrations should be made for the plot's sequence. Plan to study more about the shots to determine where additional types of shots could be included.

The real life Ginger is a Golden Retriever who visits the beach whenver she can. She is almost nine years old. She does not live in a lighthouse, but I'd certainly like to at some point in my life.

Act I

Ginger lives in a small town on the water.

[wide shot of the small town including harbor]


She is a Golden Retriever puppy who has lived on the streets, in the alleys, wherever she could get food and shelter. She is well loved by everyone in the town.

[middle image of Ginger on the street in a pleasant town being petted by people]


But Ginger longs for a home of her own.

[middle image of Ginger on the street with an expression of sadness on her face]


One day, Ginger follows Miss Elle onto the ferry into Seattle. Miss Elle has been on the island visiting her friend.  After the ferry pulls away from the dock, Miss Elle discovers that Ginger has followed her.

[middle image of Ginger with Miss Elle, a woman in her sixties who wears a big hat, and Ginger on the ferry deck]


Miss Elle takes Ginger into her home where she lives with three cats. At first, Ginger likes the comfort of her own home, but soon realizes that the house isn’t big enough to accommodate her and the three cats.

[close up image of Ginger with the three cats, clearly dominated/outnumbered by the cats]


Act II

Ginger leaves Miss Elle’s house and wanders onto a sailboat at the dock.

[wide shot of the harbor with Ginger heading towards a boat]


The sailboat takes off with a young couple at the helm. Ginger pokes her head up from the galley.

[middle image of Ginger making herself known]


The couple takes Ginger on their day-trip adventure, rather than turn around. But the couple live in a small apartment and have no room for a dog. They explain this to Ginger.

[middle image of the couple telling Ginger the sad news]


The couple return to the dock. While the couple unload their boat, Ginger wanders onto a cruise ship.

[wide shot of cruise ship and Ginger heading up the plank along with other cruise-goers]


Ginger visits the pool and finds scraps in the kitchen.

[middle image of Ginger in the cruise ship pool swimming]

[middle image of Ginger being fed in the kitchen]


But the cruise director feels Ginger is becoming a big distraction, and while the boat is in port, she puts Ginger on the dock.

[wide shot of cruise ship at dock with cruise director dropping Ginger off]


Ginger finds her way onto a pirate ship and heads into the galley to take a nap since she got very little sleep while she was on the cruise ship.

[wide shot of pirate ship at the dock]

[middle shot Ginger napping in the galley]


Once the pirate is out at sea, he discovers Ginger onboard. He and his parrot enjoy her company and for many days they travel happily.

[middle shot of the three on the deck of the pirate boat]


But the pirate soon runs low on food. While he’d like to keep Ginger, he knows she’d be happier with someone else.

[middle shot of pirate looking at his food supply]


The pirate raids a Russian cargo ship.

[wide shot of pirate on deck of cargo ship with his sword raised, along with Ginger wandering away of the scuffle]


During the onboard scuffle, Ginger seeks shelter in the bunk area.

[middle shot of Ginger in a sailor’s bunk]


She lives amongst the Russians for many weeks, but as they reach international waters, they know that Ginger shouldn’t leave the country as she’d never be allowed to return.

[middle shot of Ginger enjoying the sailors playing cards]

[middle shot of waterways with sign of international water demarcation]



As the sailors pass by a lighthouse right on the edge of the international waterways, a sailor takes her by row boat to the lighthouse where she is greeted by a happy family.

[wide shot of waterways, lighthouse]

[wide shot of sailor in row boat and the lighthouse]

[medium shot of the family and Ginger in front of the lighthouse]

Ginger fits right in with the family and lives her days happily looking out at the waters where she had many adventures.

[medium shot of Ginger looking outside from within the lighthouse]

[wide shot of the lighthouse, Ginger, and other boats in the waters, taken from above like bird’s eye]


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