Laura CN

Learning GD myself



Gilding Glamorous Goldfish (in process)

Hi there classmates! So this is my project: Gilding Glamorous Goldfish. A lettering piece about a very glamorous fish. I started working a lot with the meaning of the words to reflect it in the piece. Also this was my second pice of lettering, and I did have to make a lot of work to get it right. So let's see first the first thing: sketches! 



At first I thought it will be better to make it more humorous, but after researching and working on the concept, I decided to move on to something more elegant and "serious", and leaving behind this super happy fish. You can see my inspiration research here:

This was my first layout and more detailed study of the letters. But the illustration part was left behind, so I started all over again to make it more equilbrated between the two parts.




And this is the final image I'll be working on. I need to make a better verion in ink before digitalizing it. I really want to finish this! I'm very excited about it and I hope I can finish it the way I want. 

Thanks for seeing my project! 


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