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Section one = I actually got through the first lesson.

Section two = Very informative. I actually now have an idea of what it is i'm getting into. 

Section three = 

I'm using Inkscape to draw my vectors. a little unfamiliar with the software since i'm used to Illustrator but seems to be a really good voctor program.

Had a dead Hard Drive lost everything on it so i'm redrawing the vectors. here is a color pallete that i might use firts.

ok on to adding assets. still don't know what i'm doing just kinda paroting Mr. Davis. but it's a start

Playing with HGrid

starting to play with the code now 


ok this one was painful to work on. i need ot lower the amount of objects in the sketches.

composed of three different sketches and some editing in illustrator that was extremley slowwwww.

my macbook air is not happy with me at the moment.

and on to some more variations playing with the recolor tool in illustrator

still playing with it. i'm going to have to go over all of the info a few times to be able to really gain a good understanding of it.

using the Hypnowheel script. i modified it a bit.


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